For a tidy and instant solution, we can lay pre-cut turf rolls for most domestic or commercial situations. Turf can transform your site quickly for when you have a limited time line for a beautiful lawn.

When Turf has just been laid please ensure that you water the new turf to saturation point. Thereafter water 2 – 3 times a day during hot conditions.

Once your new lawn is established, water less frequently and more heavily to encourage roots to grow deep. It is essential to continue to regularly water your new lawn even after initial establishment when evapotranspiration levels are high during the summer months.


Maintenance is the single most important aspect of retaining the character of a new lawn. Spraying for weeds, insects and diseases is an ongoing requirement, as is consistent fertilisation. Lawn and Turf Contracting offer lawn care packages designed to stay on top of problems and keep your lawn in the best possible condition year round. Please review our attached New Lawn Pamphlet for more information on your new lawn.