Lawn Types

Tall Fescue

hard wearing, rough, dark green, drought tolerant. This can only be established from September through to March. It will struggle in the cooler months. Ideal mowing height 50-60mm

Fine Fescue

thin leaf, shade tolerant. Gallant can be used with this species to control problem weed grasses like Couch, Paspalum and Poa species.Ideal mowing height 50-60mm

Rye-Fescue Blend

Our most common variety which is hard wearing and quick to establish. The quicker establishing the lawn the less weed you will have in your lawn. Ideal mowing height 40-50mm

Browntop/Fine Fescue

For people who like using Reel mower or like to mow their lawn short.These lawns will struggle through the summer months if they are not irrigatedIdeal mowing height 20-40mm