Erosion Control

Lawn & Turf Contracting Ltd have been the leading hydraulic mulching (hydroseeding) providers in the Waikato for the past 12 years.
We ensure that we use products that have been tested and approved to be used in the environment that gives the best results in sediment control loss and are safe to use with the aquatic eco system.
We don’t use newspaper or PVA glues that are often used by other applicators.
Our application rates are a minimum of 2.5 tonnes/hectare to ensure a good coverage and protection from the elements. Every application has Polyacrylamide that flocculates the soil, settling the fines so that they are not eroded away into the waterways and storm water catchments.
We are dedicated to using the correct methodology with certified results in erosion control and sediment loss in the industry.


  • Finn T120 Hydroseeder
  • Finn T60 Hydroseeder
  • Compact John Deere tractor with rotary hoe and lawn levelling drill
  • Pedestrian seed drills
  • Fertiliser spreaders and spray equipment
  • Blec-multi seeder for sports field sowing
  • 5 Tonne tipping Truck
  • Smaller Isuzu Tip Truck
  • Toro Traxmaster 525 digger for confined access
  • Toro Traxmaster TX-1000 digger for confined access
  • Toro Harley Rake
  • Hitachi Zaxis 48U Digger
  • Eurocomach Skid Steer (Bobcat equivalent)


  • Erosion control Hydroseed starting from $0.90/m2 excl GST
  • Lawns and amenity Turf Hydroseed starting from $1.50/m2 excl GST